Peter Deadman

Peter Deadman has worked in the field of health education and complementary medicine for over 45 years as a practitioner, teacher, author and entrepreneur. Deadman co-founded Infinity Foods natural and organic food shop in Brighton, England in 1971 and subsequently co-founded the Brighton Natural Health Centre. He qualified as an acupuncture practitioner in 1978 and as an herbalist some years later. He has taught Chinese medicine, health maintenance and qigong internationally for over 40 years. He is founder and publisher of The Journal of Chinese Medicine, co-author of A Manual of Acupuncture and author of Live Well Live Long: Teachings from the Chinese Nourishment of Life Tradition.

Kiera Nagle

Kiera Nagle, MA, LMT, asian massage therapist and creator of MaMassage
Kiera Nagle

Kiera Nagle, MA, LMT, creator of MaMassage®, serves as faculty and clinical supervisor, as well as Director of the Asian Holistic Health and Massage Therapy Program at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York. She provided prenatal massage at University of Nebraska Medical Center in a groundbreaking integrative health partnership, and serves as Clinical Supervisor for Queensborough Community College’s Massage Therapy Interns at Katz’s Women’s Hospital at NSUH-LIJ. She experienced an amazing pregnancy, which was highlighted by a weekly prenatal massage, and is now the mother of an amazing seven year old.

Melanie Katin

Melanie Katin, NY and Illinois state licensed TCM acupuncturist and teacher

Melanie Katin is an instructor and clinical supervisor at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Her areas of specialization are pediatric health care, auto-immune and endocrine disorders. NY and Illinois state licensed acupuncturist, nationally certified in Chinese medicine, 13 years of clinical experience and 11 years of teaching experience.

Robert Peng

Robert Peng, Qigong Teacher

Internationally renowned qigong master Robert Peng has used his extraordinary ability to help countless people regain their optimum health and vitality, including doctors, healers, celebrities, and members of royal families. He has trained over 150,000 students all around the world. Practitioners will find the work inspiring and rejuvenating and will be able to apply it immediately and practically to work with patients.

Mark Kastner

Master Teacher Mark Kastner

Master Teacher Mark Kastner has treated over 50,000 patients and studied with the greats: Ram Das, Dr. Bernard Jensen, and Dr. Cheng-Gu Ye, one of the world’s top acupuncturists, among others. Kastner has taught in Pacific College of Oriental Medicine’s post grad Doctoral program and has trained some of the world’s most sought after acupuncture instructors including Matt Callison. The hands-on workshop focuses on treating common soft tissue injuries of major joints most efficiently.