40 Years of Zen | Drew Pierson

Blue mind wave

Dr. Drew Pierson—Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, as well as a licensed and acupuncturist and neurotherapist—joins us today. In this episode we explore the ocean of the mind, what different waves represent and how they network to create neurological states. Dr. Pierson shares his knowledge on how we can attain peak performance through breathing, meditation, and biofeedback. He discusses the profound positive experiential change people go through utilizing neurofeedback and therapy in his work at 40 Years of Zen.

40 Years of Zen

Dr. Drew Pierson’s biography

Can you discuss the different brain states?

Right brain Left brain, myth or reality? How does this relate to the Default Mode Network?

What can you tell us about the use of brain wave technology, meditation practices and the connections with enhancing physical and cognitive performance?

The Neuroscience of Peak States and inherent trait changes?

What are your thoughts about mind altering substances, psychedelics?

Ted Kaptchuk recently gave a presentation and has written on something which he calls “penetrating divine illumination”, which refers to a state of higher consciousness. What are your thoughts on this and do you think the use of Cannabis or mind altering substances to facilitate this development has a place?

Considering the history of Cannabis use for spiritual purposes in Tantric Buddhist practice in India, Nepal, and Tibet, what are your thoughts on CBD/THC… good / bad?

What about high ratio CBD:THC or micro-dosing of THC?

Perhaps the issue is abuse or even regular use recreationally or medicinally vs. ritual use in a controlled environment?

How does the work you are doing correspond or intersect with parallels in the scientific community’s research on the brain?

What does the future hold for neuroscience developments, states of consciousness, etc?