Pain Free Kauai | Dustin Dillberg

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In this episode, we tackle a range of peak performance topics that include Dustin’s work with legendary surfer Bethany Hamilton, breath work and its relationship to the lymphatic system, and the hot topic in nutrition performance: ketones.

Owner of the Pain Free Kauai clinic in Lihue, Hawaii, Dustin Dillberg is a graduate of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Pettibon Spinal Technologies, and Egoscue University, where he continues to teach. He has extensive experience working with many top professional athletes, speaking around the country on topics of nutrition and natural medicine, and has worked at Rady Children’s Hospital and the Egoscue Clinic in San Diego. In 2007, Dustin returned to his hometown of Lihue on Kauai, bringing his knowledge and experience in Chinese medicinal herbs, nutrition, and postural therapy, and excited to offer the best in functional healthcare and sports medicine to his community. Pain Free Kauai specializes in natural healthcare solutions including stress-relieving acupuncture, the Egoscue Method of postural corrective exercise, deep tissue laser therapy, and lifestyle medicine.

Pain Free Kauai

You offer a range of services including of course acupuncture, Egoscue training, nutritional coaching, I’m curious how you split your time?
Who are your average clients?
What does an average client session look like?I was reviewing some of the material on your website.
What stands out is your work with the professional surfer Bethany Hamilton, which is really impressive.
Can you give our listeners a brief education on who Bethany is and what your work together is like?

In your YouTube video TRX training session with Bethany Hamilton you are coaching her  through what appears to be a hybrid blend of Egoscue work and TRX system.
Can you describe how this type of cross training works synergistically and what results you are creating?
Are you working with any other pro surfers or other athletes at this time that you can talk about?

We did a podcast with Egoscue Vice president Brian Bradley recently who is a force of nature. He educated us on the origination of the Egoscue method and described the founder Pete Egoscue. He was describing some positive research outcomes from using Egoscue method training and patients with CTE or concussion.
Are you aware of any developments in that area or familiar with that study?
Are you compiling any research with your clients at this time?

What areas are interesting to you in the field of peak performance?