Susan Johnson

Susan Johnson, LAc, has been studying acupuncture since 1982. She is an esteemed teacher of Master Tung’s Magic Points, a potent system of acupuncture handed down as a treasured family secret for generations and made public by Master Tung Ching-Chang.

Susan graduated from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco, California, was licensed in 1984, and began an internship with Dr. Miriam Lee. She became Dr. Lee’s primary student and trained extensively with her for many years. In 1987, they traveled to Hefei, China, to study bleeding techniques with Dr. Wang Xiu Zhen. Susan studied Master Tung’s Magic Points with both Dr. Lee and Dr. Wei-Chieh Young. During the 1980s she also worked with Dr. Lee, lobbyist Art Krause, and elected officials to pass legislation expanding the scope of acupuncture in California.

Susan Johnson practiced acupuncture in San Francisco until 1988, specializing in the treatment of HIV, and has maintained an acupuncture practice in Santa Cruz ever since. Susan continues to work on innovative ways to share Master Tung’s Magic Points with a global audience. Her passion for Tung’s points and her desire to share this remarkable system with other practitioners has inspired her to guest lecture worldwide, write articles, and produce webinars and tutorial DVDs. Her newest book is Tung’s Magic Points, Volume One: A Definitive Clinical Guide, which will soon be followed by Tung’s Magic Points, Volume Two: The Clinician’s Best Friend.